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Created for Women Veterans

Operation Dress Code is a collaborative program designed to empower women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces by providing them with the professional clothing needed to transition to the civilian workforce.  Operation Dress Code partners with veterans organizations, community leaders, business groups and dedicated volunteers to honor women veterans with  free, personalized shopping experiences at our Dress Code pop-up boutiques.

The boutique is the focal point, but Operation Dress Code is about more than a new business jacket or pair of shoes, it’s about an experience.  It’s about creating a safe space where women help women.  Where our female veterans can recover, recharge and reimagine their post-military lives.

We believe each donated item is given with love and received with joy.  It’s truly a transference of healing energy and positive vibes

All women who are currently serving in the military and those who previously served are eligible to participate in the 100% free events. Our goal is to help women veterans navigate civilian life with the confidence they deserve and the respect they earned.

Established in Sacramento in 2014, Operation Dress Code hosts annual pop-up boutiques in San Diego, and is working to expand across California. Our first San Francisco Bay Area event was on June 11th, in Walnut Creek.

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Marcey Brightwell

Marcey Brightwell

Operation Dress Code, Founder

Randee McClain

RanDee McLain

Operation Dress Code, San Diego

Jennifer Santis

Jennifer Santis

Operation Dress Code, San Diego

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